1. WhatsApp as a content sharing mobile social network

    So, a friend of mine and  guest blogger on Techzim, Jabulani Chirinda, has been over the past month or so arguing the case of WhatsApp as a social network to rival Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in the future.  I have been saying it won’t, but have founding his arguments for a mobile-only social network pretty convincing.

    See I don’t really use WhatsApp that much because I aIways had a disliking for texting. It’s really basically that my fingers are fat and have never really owned a mobile device that didn’t require me to painfully focus on the task of texting.

    So anyway, Jabu suggested something I found really interesting on Friday; to use WhatsApp as a content sharing platform the same we share Techzim links on Facebook, Twiiter and Google+. I said yes because it’s the first time I’m hearing such a suggestion and I’m getting this feeling there might really be something there. And a bonus is I’ll get a chance to test Chirinda’s mobile social networking arguments.

    So anyway, the problem is that WhatsApp has a limit of 15 members, at least that’s what this says. So how to get around this? Have people re-share with other groups? Have multiple groups with different contacts in them? Or maybe this can be limited to a small group of people that participate in the intense debates about Zim startups and technology. Will be thinking more about it. Or do we need to start thinking of a new mobile social network to just address this issue directly on our own? And maybe expand it to other Africa countries where a huge number of internet users, like here, are mobile first and mobile only. Ribe