1. Techzim, Google+, Hacker News and the old Google

    Sometime last week I posted this article on Techzim about why I don’t use Google+ much, and why I think the reason behind is something that discourages most other internet users in Africa. It’s basically a speed issue. Google+ as a news topic is that interesting an issue we got an avalanche of traffic from all over the world after I posted the article on Hacker News. The story actually made it to the top 5 news items on Hacker News. Techzim obviously couldn’t handle this sudden surge and the whole day we had to put up with “resource limit reached” errors from our hosting.

    For me, this points to one thing, people really wanted Google to succeed with Google+. I know I did. I still do. But more and more, I encounter cases where I see the old Google I loved, may really be gone.