1. Making the most of the internet (we’re hungry enough)

    This past week I spoke at two events, one was at a Food For Thought  discussion at the US embassy Public Affairs Section and the other the TEDxHarare Change event.

    it was very extremely encouraging to feel the hunger for knowledge; there was so much enthusiasm to discuss more, learn, explore new ideas.

    There was of course the usual “there’s just no cash in this economy” complaint echoed for every “Yes we can”. Which to be fair, is very valid reason why most people don’t even try to venture out there. But i think we need to start building companies that address the money issue. Traditional source of money and what startups in other countries rely on is just available here.

    Will write more about my thoughts in a future post. Today I just wanted to point you to the presentation. Here’s a link to a PowerPoint file so you can modify it an use for other purposes if you need to (no need for credit btw)