1. Google, please stop ‘knowing’ what I want

    Yesterday I did a search for “domain registration” on Google. I did the search to find an article we did sometime back on the tedious process of registering a domain in Zimbabwe. To its credit, Google did return some great results, suffocating under the weight of ads albeit.

    But I made a mistake, I clicked on the first result (domain.com) just to check if  it wasn’t search spam. I think it wasn’t, but Google being the smart engine we all love registered I must have an interest in these guys’ services. Now a domain.com advert is following me everywhere I go. I have no interest at all in registering a domain right now. Not even if it’s “original and best”.

    I wish domain.com would just leave me alone. Anyone knows how to tell Google to stop without just logging out?

    1. takunda said: "That’s how we make our: Advertising. If you’re not comfortable with Google being able to pay for salaries and servers then get off it completely." - Words of Google bosses, forgot the name exactly
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