1. The one great experience I had today is an article titled “Africa Now” I read. Not only is this a great piece but it goes off the common grid so much it’s one of those few articles that make you think. You can find it here. I think the person that wrote it, Ryan Chokureva is Zimbabwean.

    Here’s an excerpt that stood out.

    While doing research for a clothing brand I am developing, a few questions constantly came up. What is Africa, what is the image of Africa? Where is its heritage?

    this one too

    Being a Designer and Art Director, one of the hardest things for me has been to design with Africa in mind, to constantly try and remember what that is, to be aware that I am creating and recording history. That from this people will form values, opinions, lifestyles and cultures. We are story tellers, whether we accept it or not. The sooner we harness the power we have, the better. People are always listening to stories, if not ours then someone else’s

    and this one:

    The tools may have advanced, the artist may have changed, but the conversation should remain simple, and continuous, should be engaging and self reflecting. The only way we can truly retain our identity or even remember what it is, is to contentiously share it

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